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Kailua Historical & Nature Tour

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Adult Ages 13+ (Must weigh between 85 to 265 lbs.)
Child Ages 8-12 Years Old (Must weigh between 85 to 265 lbs.)

Discover the beauty of Historical Places in Hawaii on a segway!

This is also one of the premier temples to have powerful mana, a spiritual power that connected the native Hawaiians with their Hawaiian god Kane, worshipped for the fertility of growing crops. Several Hawaiian civic, non-profit organizations have restored the agricultural terraces that defined the Hawaiian lifestyle of the area. You get to witness and learn about Hawaiian culture here; an education worth the journey!

Prior to this destination state park, your Segway route takes you along the Pali highway that borders the Kawainui Marsh; a wildlife sanctuary rarely visited due to its limited access. However, our Segways provide unique entry to this home for several migratory birds and endangered Hawaiian waterbirds. This 830-acre wetland was once fertile land supplied water by lagoons and fresh water streams that supported one of the largest agricultural basins for Hawaiian populations and was a favorite residence for the Ali’i, the Hawaiian kings.

Your Kailua Segway tour return takes you back along the Hamakua Marsh for more wildlife viewing. This extension of the Kawainui is a Kailua town jewel in redevelopment, with the state receiving ownership and stewardship recently. Home to many birds, it is a pristine ecological asset to this beach town that can be enjoyed on your trip back around.

Plan on your Segway adventure being around three hours, including training and orientation.

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  • $20/person RT

**Tour price does not include gratuity**